St. Philip’s United Church of Christ is a warm, caring community of Christians excited about the future of God’s Church and their part in his work.  We value coming together every week as a church family to be nurtured and to receive grace and spiritual guidance.

The friendly atmosphere at St. Philip's will be obvious the moment you walk through our doors.  We value worship, fellowship and service in the community.  Our programs for children, youth, and adults bring us together to study, pray, work and worship.  Each person has a place in our community and a gift to contribute.

St. Philip told the other disciples to “Come and See.”  This is the motto of our congregation.  We offer you a chance to learn, to grow, and to serve as disciples of Jesus Christ.


Contact Information

St. Philip's U.C.C.
10708 Lavinia Dr.
S. Louis, MO 63123

(314) 843-5100


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